Newest celebrity: Miss Corby

Who doesn’t want to be a celebrity?

Since the dawn of time, or in this case let’s say maybe Hollywood, young up and comers have flocked to the town in order to take their chance at fame and fortune.

From the humble beginnings of actors, singers, dancers and models to more practical careers, such as celebrity chefs, stylists or vets. It appears more and more, different occupations have the potential to bring in the fame and the big bucks that come with it.

So why can’t a former prisoner be the newest celebrity the whole world wants to know all about?

Well it hasn’t stopped new found freedom fanatic, Schapelle Corby.

Source: Schapelle’s story

Schapelle Corby, now 39, was a beauty school student and shop assistant from Tugun, Queensland.

On the 8th of October 2004 she was arrested whilst entering Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport at Denpasar after 4.2kilograms of cannabis, marijuana was found in her boogie board bag.

Corby was convicted and sentenced to 20years in Bali’s notoriously grim, Kerobokan prison.

During that time, the Corby family “became more and more extroverted”, causing the story to become “a feeding frenzy”, according to Fiona Connolly, Editor-in-chief of Women’s Day.

But after serving 10years in jail and 2years on parole in Bali, Schapelle is back, security escort and all.

Source: Paparazzi frenzy

What perhaps caught Australia’s attention the most amidst Corby’s return, was the media frenzy that followed her from her rented apartment in Kuta, of where she was waiting out her parole, all the way to the home of her mother, Rosleigh Rose, in Logan, Queensland.

The former prisoner arrived at Brisbane International Airport via a Malindo Air flight, at 5.09am on the 28th of May, 2017.

She left the airport less than thirty minutes after touchdown, through a non-public exit.

Two security clad convoys departed, followed by photo hungry media, and each took a seperate route. One stopped at the Sofitel hotel in the city, whilst the other pulled in to the KFC in Ormeau, on route to the Gold Coast.

Corby was not seen in either cars.

Within 24hours of touching home soil, the 39year old had created her own Instagram, which currently stands at one hundred and eighty seven followers and counting.

Source: Will all the media attention make Schapelle feel imprisoned all over again?

With all that attention one could ask the question, is Schapelle Corby, convicted drug smuggler, the newest celebrity?

Combining an ever-persistent flock of media, consistent attention from the Australian public and a hell of a story to boot, what more could ones application to be the ‘next big thing’ need?

Accept maybe the notation that she is, was and forever will be a former criminal…

You decide, you have the power. If you give Schapelle the attention she’s looking for then you can blame yourself for her rise to celebrity status.


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