Conformity Amongst Society

In a modern world of new technologies, one could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of society.

With new age influencers persuading their audiences lifestyles in accordance to their own opinion many feel the pinch of conformity.

In relevance to current media issues, this post will explore the pressure todays society faces to conform with popular influencers on social media platforms.

Source: Social Media Marketing

A source from the Park Nicollet Melrose Centre reports, “8-18years old engage with a form of social media for 7.5hours a day”, sparking a strong indication of the hold social media has over youth.

Social media can be a toxic platform from which many women develop poor body image. This is due to its highly visual nature as well as the interactivity involved. The pictures and imagery of one’s self is ‘liked’ and therefore rated, creating the notion that appearance is central to success.

Photos are edited and filtered giving an idealistic depiction of a person’s body or life. Professor Susan J Paxton, of La Trobe University, suggests that the collection of ‘likes’ and followers “provides an immediate marker of achievement and popularity. These feed directly into users’ sense of self-worth.

Source: Kayla Itsines Delivers Easy to Follow Exercise Guides

Kayla Itsines of Adelaide, Australia, is a personal trainer and Social Media sensation whose dominated the health and fitness business through her online platform. The 25year old is the founder of the ‘Bikini Body’ community and sports a 6.6million Instagram following.

The first Bikini Body Guide was launched in 2013 and comprised of 28minute workouts as well as nutritional information and meal plans. The program was designed to assist “as many women as possible to achieve their ideal body and to feel more confident and happy”.

On the 15th of May, Itsines launched her most recent program instalment called SWEAT. This app based program sees the “undisputed workout queen” team up with fellow online fitness guru’s, post pregnancy expert Kelsey Wells and yoga specialist Sjana Earp.

Source: Fitness Should be Individual

Whilst a first impression of Kayla Itsines brand may be one of awe and inspiration, it can be argued that her influence may lead to an unrealistic expectation for her audience.

Through promoting a depiction of her own personal ideal, Itsines contributes to conformity within society – influencing all should look similarly to her.


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