Blogging or The Art of Being Noticed?

Last week we discussed the negative impact influential bloggers and you-tubers can leave on their audiences, as well as how this can be avoided. So where to from now for the ever mind-boggling world of blogging?? How can this platform keep evolving to maintain its users’ success?

Through implementing new techniques to gain and maintain attention, bloggers have the opportunity to further their successes. As long as they continue to develop original ideas in order to stay ahead of the game.

“Blogging is hard because of the grind required to stay interesting and relevant”. Source: Sufia Tippu.

Ultimate Tools – Blogging Essentials

At the very start of the blogging scene ‘competition’ was scarce, as it usually is when new trends come to the forefront. Marketing strategist, Mark W. Schaefer, suggests that as with any “fresh fad”, at some point the density of content available will become overwhelming and thus eventually unimportant to audiences – aka, Content Shock. He believes that “great content is no longer the finish line. It’s the starting line. That’s when the real work starts…”.

Therefore, Mr Schaefer believes the art to a successful blog today is to grab audiences attention by simply having a ‘point of difference’. Multiple influencers have realised this fact and have already begun reaching out to different platforms, of which we discussed in a previous blog. These include anything from fitness/workout plans to recipe books etc.


“Successful blogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time”. Source: David Aston.

Content Shock Definition

Ashy Bines is a health and fitness blogger who took the Social Media world by storm with her multi-faceted take on being a business woman online. Whilst she too had a ‘Bikini Challenge’, diet/fitness guide and You-Tube channel (as well as many others), what Ashy developed put her in entrepreneurial stead and has since been imitated by other influencers.

The Ashy Bines Squad World Tour was launched in 2016 and comprises of a 45minute workout followed by a motivational speech at a popular venue in each of Australia’s main cities. The tour aims to energise, inspire and challenge women of all fitness levels. For only a small price of $28, customers receive the full ‘28-Day Booty Challenge’ (valued at $69.95), a goodie bag and access to a private online group. A limited quantity of VIP packages is also offered, including a meet-and-greet session with Ashy, VIP entry to the event, front row seating as well as a yoga mat, tank top and drink bottle.

“What I love about the tour is that I can get closer to the women who are joining me on this challenging yet ultimately rewarding journey of lasting health and fitness”.

“I want to inspire as many women as I can in this energetic and encouraging group setting where they can see how fitness and self-improvement can be exciting and fun in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere”. Source: Ashy Bines.

By forward thinking and drive to be different to her competitor bloggers, Ashy created a revolution. The tour is in motion and will be heading international as of the 20th of May, ‘squat-jumping’ up in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada with more to be announced later this year. Her following is now at a staggering 1.5million on Facebook, 900K on Instagram and 90K subscribers on YouTube.

Ashy Bines Squad World Tour Promotion

So how else could blogging be advanced and what other avenues are available for use?

Going off Ashy Bines’ workout tour, something that strikes me as a possibility with today’s growing use of technology, is a live-online workout session. The session would be live on a shared video platform such as You Tube or Vimeo, and would feature the influencer conducting a workout for the user to follow. There could be a small fee for each session or an option to purchase a number of sessions within a package.

As there seems to be a growing trend in being able to work out in the privacy of one’s own home this technique would definitely be beneficial to the influencers business. Alternatively, the user could practise the workout where ever they could take their laptop or mobile, for example the beach, park or track.

Live-Online Workout Session in Action

So, what do you think? It seems that there’s still a future for bloggers out there as long as they stay savvy and think outside the box.

Do you have the next big idea for influencers around the world?

Shh keep it to yourself, I’m doing you a BIGGG favour!

Thank you for tuning in, I hope you’ve acquired some ideas. Good Luck!

Shan X


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