Insights into Daily Doses of Encouraging Bloggers

Social Media – boy, where do we start!

Technically, it can be described as “the collective of online communication channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration”.

Or simply put by Urban Dictionary – “your electronic second life”.

Source: Social Media Marketing

With influencers in forms of bloggers, you-tubers and ‘insta famous’ spilling out of screens all over the globe, our lives have become increasingly swayed in terms of what to eat, how to think, what to wear, where to be etc etc! Encouraging us to do, see, be in accordance to their opinion of what is the right way to live life.

So how do these influencers get our undivided attention? How are they encouraging us?

Today we’ll be focusing on fitness and health bloggers and how they inspire us to follow their ways of living – and ultimately give them a buck or two.

Source: Coach Debbie Runs

Well who can say they don’t love pictures? No one in my books! Photos and images allow a person to have an immediate understanding of the physical reality.

So it makes sense that we all like to ‘see the proof’ of a product/system that has actually worked. Through seeing an image of success it’s both interesting and encouraging.

So what better way for fitness bloggers to advertise their program/s than to publish result images of their clients, showing the positive transformation in the purest form.

It’s an immediate hook and therefore an extremely popular technique amongst bloggers.

Through using a certain language, influencers can sway their viewers’ understandings on all sorts of things – products, events, venues, locations and even other people!

They utilise positive, attention grabbing dialect to capture the interest of their audience and direct them to the intended message.

By using imaginative and floral words the reader can become caught up in the ‘magnificence’ of the text and therefore be lured into the whatever the blogger is promoting.

rachel finch
Source: Rachael Finch

“Writing this book for you has been such a magical journey. I have included as much as I can in here for you, from 85+ healthy recipes, my fitness tips, a 2 week vitality plan, health and wellness principles, advice on mindfulness and work/life balance, as well as confidence-boosting tips, affirmations and goal setting tips”.

Life is far too short to be unhappy. We only get one shot – make the most of it!” Source: Rachel Finch

Once a blogger has drawn you in with both exciting language and promising photos they need to give instruction as to how you too can go out and create a positive change. This technique is termed a ‘Call to Action’.

Through using a call to action the blogger assertively encourages the reader by firstly presenting the thought that the particular goal they seek is achievable. Secondly, the blogger directs them to their products.

This technique works because the reader is already drawn in, has been made to feel as though their goal is attainable and can finally have the answer (once they pay the subscription of course!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.20.50 pm
Source: Kayla Itsines

So there you have it. An insight into the tricks of the trade for blogger sensations.

Have you ever seen these techniques used by bloggers? Were they successful in getting your attention? And most importantly, did the encourage you to be a better version of yourself?

Or maybe they didn’t?? We discuss the flip side next week.

Shan  X


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